Why Are Welding Carts Angled? Is This Important for Weld?

Marcus Colson Last updated on September 4, 2023
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We will use various additional tools to do our welding work more effectively. One of them is a welding cart.

As a curious person, you may be curious about “Why are welding carts angled?”

Actually, no matter what shape the cart is, we can still do various activities, right?

True, but back to the first sentence. We want to work more effectively. Of course, there must be a reason behind these welding carts angled.

Well, below, I will explain to you one of the tools for us welders.

The Reasons Why Are Welding Carts Angled

For some people, the presence of welding carts during the welding process can be a game changer because it helps their mobility during work.

The reason for the angled shape of these carts also shows us what kind of benefits we will get.

Therefore, let us answer the “because” of the question that corresponds to the title of this article.

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Well, some of the reasons why welding tool carts are angled include the following:

1. Safety

Work safety is an important thing that we must pay attention to while being a welder, considering this job has a high risk.

And work safety is related to the presence of welding machine carts, so I deliberately put it in the first point.

You may be confused by this reason because the tool is just “a welding cart.”

But many manufacturers produce the best welding carts to prevent serious work accidents.

Even if an accident occurs, the consequences will not be too serious.

Best welding carts have an angle that helps make the center of gravity on the welding machine smaller. With this low center of gravity, the welding machine tipping over will have less possibility.

Sometimes human error can occur when working, such as dropping the welding machine and hitting the body.

You want to avoid getting injured and damaging the machine, resulting in higher costs.

Investing your money in welding carts for the long term can be the best option.

In addition to the low potential of falling carts and machines, you can also protect your body from the neck or back injuries due to bending too often to adjust the machine.

With the height of the TIG welding cart or MIG welding cart, you can adjust the machine while standing.

2. Visibility

When working in awkward areas, we want the welding process to run smoothly without going back and forth to check work readiness.

Doubts about whether or not you have set the welding machine correctly sometimes haunt you when working in this situation because it is difficult to see the machine.

As a result, these doubts prompt us to check again to calm our hearts and double-check.

This is sometimes inconvenient, especially if some work equipment such as tool bags, wire feeder bags and grinders, and needle guns are already neatly organized and “hamper” your mobility to check.

Using a welding cart to place the machine can help you see the equipment directly from the current working position.

So you can check again whether the machine settings are correct or not.

What a relief.

I am grateful for this fact, as it helps me save energy and time to work more efficiently.

3. Prevents Clutter

When you’re in your work area and facing a deadline, it can be hard to keep the area tidy.

During work, objects that you have neatly arranged before will change position and scatter in the work area.

If you focus too much on keeping it tidy, you will neglect your work, as you repeatedly spend time tidying up your work tools.

Especially if you work with coworkers, tidying up will be tiring.

Work tools such as grinders, slag hammers, and other objects such as empty beverage cans and other personal items will be mixed up in the area. In addition, work waste will also be scattered.

Yes, the floor surface will eventually become our work table, which can interfere with the machine and damage the components inside.

But, if you use an angled welding cart, all the mess above can be avoided.

You won’t be putting tools in the machine area because there is a special rack, and pieces of waste while working can fall into the area below or outside the machine.

4. Additional Features

I mentioned earlier that the welding cart area has several shelves that can be used as storage. We can store work tools, personal items, and so on these shelves.

The flat shelves will not make the objects we put will fall and disturb the machine.

Access to every piece of equipment is also easier with the compact design.

We don’t have to go back and forth to look for equipment because everything is available on the cart and can easily move around.

In addition, there is also a handle on the back of the cart, which makes it easier for us to move it. You can also place cables or hoses on the handle.

Lastly, a cylinder holder on the cart helps us carry protective gas when using MIG and Flux-cored welding.

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Types of Welding Carts

There are three types of welding carts, two angled and one not. Now the three carts include the following:

  • Top-Angled Welding Carts. The angled plate is at the top of the metal frame in this cart. This top angle; will help us to raise and lower the welder easily.
  • Bottom-Angled Welding Carts. The difference with top-angled welding carts is the slot placement for the welder. Because the slot is at the lowest point, the center of gravity is also smaller, making it suitable for welders with heavier bodies to be safer and more comfortable.
  • Straight Welding Carts. These carts have no angled parts and do not provide additional support for the welder. The risk is quite high if you don’t place it on an uneven surface.

Your question about “Why are welding carts angled?” has been answered, right?

From that explanation, you have also found some benefits. So, considering investing in these carts is a no-brainer.

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